Thanks but no thanks

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Happy (soon) Thanksgiving everyone! While @Borb was busy overcooking the turkey and bullying @Loren , I was busy crafting this mod. @Mochapoke assisted me in doing that, as well as other community members that tested the mod for us.
Enter Lisa's day this year for Thanksgiving and bump into little silly adventures! This mod has quite short missions, that swing from a thing to another, to not keep the player bored.
Want more? There's a hearse hunt in this mod! Literally, there's hearses hidden through the gameplay. If you count them all & insert the correct number in the Setting(cheat) on the mod launcher, you'll be able to unlock a bonus mission! Either you take a lucky guess, spend the entirety of your day checking the numbers like a bot or go through the adventure to count the heases, it's all up to you!
This mod is part of our on-going contest, The 2021 Donut Team Thanksgive-a-thon! (however will not take your chances of winning shush!)

New rewards content
  • Lisa - Native American
  • Malibu Stacy car: Thanksgiving
  • Blue Donut
Special Thanks
Quality Assurance / Play Testers

Download Here

Very nice mod! I can't wait to play this later. I also love the orange texture on the Malibu Stacy car. (:
Thank you. I was going to release the car alone in fact, but I guess just that would've felt pretty lame so & I kind of decided to make a small mod instead!