How can i use the free cam in the game? I have a f*****g year with this question

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Hello, anyone can help me with the mod, the keybind or the cheat code for this option? Thank you so much, guys
Welcome! Sorry for getting quite late to you, to use the free camera cheat is [Down Down Down Up]. To use this, you load a level, go to the settings menu & hold F1 while quickly tap the arrow keys.
You'll be able to change the camera in few different modes while inside of a car. Hope this helps!
The free camera is available via a cheat code, as maz has pointed out:

To access it after entering the code, you must pause the game and go into Options > Settings, then change the "Camera" option to "Debug Cam". If in a vehicle, you can just press the camera switch key and cycle to it.

On PC, the Debug Cam is controlled by using the binded movement keys/buttons to move the camera. Holding the "look up" key/button and pressing up/down will zoom in/out. On console, camera movement is controlled with the left thumbstick of controller 2 (click in and press up/down to control zoom).