Alternative conversations?

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I've noticed and learned while browsing Lucas' RCF Explorer tool that there are duplicate audio files for the conversations in the 10 missions requiring you to change clothes or get a particular vehicle. However, the end parts of these same conversations are either shortened or missing, as the characters now do not mention about you needing certain clothing or a vehicle to attempt those missions. For example, the scenes that don't have the end parts included, the start of Monkey See Monkey D'oh just ends with Dr. Nick saying, "Because... I have tortured them horribly, silly!", and for other scenes having their end parts shortened, Krusty in the start of This Little Piggy only says, "Follow a cop until you find one."

I even tried having the required outfit or vehicle active before talking to those characters in the missions, but they (or your character) still say you need the particular outfit or vehicle, despite the fact you already have them in presence with you. Odd... Are the duplicate audio files not used or something? Or can they be?
I believe this was determined to be a scrapped feature. I don't think we know for sure why the alternate versions of the conversations leaving out the information about the required outfit or vehicle weren't used, but it's probably a safe assumption it was due to a lack of time.