Hell Toupée Homer

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I have nothing much to really say, this is the first character mod that I've made for this game. First mod in general truth be told, but I actually ended up pleased enough with it to feel like finding a way to post it. Anyways for the actual mod:

Homer with Snake's Toupée
Heavily based on the Treehouse of Horror IX short "Hell Toupée", this is a simple character model mod, giving Homer the well-known lush set of hair that Snake Jailbird bears on his head, as well as a change in color of shirt, a little slimmer, more youthful, hunky, and even my attempt at a few cards under his sleeve.

/As said before, this is my first mod, and the blender model itself is hastily stitched together from failed attempts until it finally worked, so please, please do let me know if something is off in this post in general. Thanks everybody in the community that either willingly or unknowingly helped me get this far even if it isn't far from the tree. after all, It's My First Day.
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That's like totally radical!
That's very good!