Another problem...

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Do any of you know this particular error message that says "An installation support file could not be installed. Catastrophic failure"?

Well... This occurs when I tried to either install or uninstall a PC game. Now look, I know this isn't a Simpsons-related topic I'm sharing here, but... To start off, I finally got the original Sims game running on Windows 10, using a digitally downloaded version of this game, which is The Complete Collection, from a site named (Link removed by moderator for piracy).

Second, after some mistakes I thought I made with the game, I decided to uninstall the game and install it again. But, it did not make the InstallShield Wizard begin setup this time around. That is, upon clicking the "Play" button in the game's launcher menu, now this error appeared. I tried all I can to my current knowledge in properly uninstalling the game and seeing if it can begin setup, but it still made this show up. And now, I must ask... Is there a way to correct this error and just make the setup begin like normal, so that I can be able to install the game again and play it fresh?
Surely this error message is a known one that also occured on some other programs not just Sims (and GTA3), right?