Dream mod

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Im not one of those people who go ZOMG MAKE DIS BEKUZ I AXED U 2. i respect how hard modding is and i was more hoping that i would get some idea of how difficult it would be for ME to make this mod if i were to get into modding sh&r. itll probably never happen but i would love it if there were some similar mods i could at least frankenstein together to create this experience. so here is what i would want in a perfect simpsons hit and run mod:

  • god hand like fighting - be able to spam kick and punch real fast. doesnt make NPCs fly back until you stop mashing attack. complete with sound effects.
  • NPCs that fight back - some NPCs sprint at you to kick your ass just for being the local town-dweller. also complete with dialogue possibly stolen from other videogames.
  • boss NPCs - relevant to above, the boss NPC's have the same abilities as you (super fast, attacks send you flying)
  • ground pound attack makes an explosion OR straight up replace it with a psycho crusher
  • melee attacks can launch vehicles - i wanna drop kick a fire engine into ned flanders and explode
  • more playable characters - skinner and comic book guy with working dialogue would be the bomb
  • reskin a bunch of characters to make new ones - e.g: change textures of a character with a similar build to look like dilbert
  • be able to play as dilbert
  • sprint faster than cars - be able to win some races on foot
  • speed up somersault animation and add sonic jump sound effect
  • sprinting + jump attack = dive kick

i may add more as more things come to mind. thank you for reading.
Hello, and welcome! I really hope this doesn't come as demotivating & upsetting, but a lot of things in the list are unachievable at the moment; I'll list them below:
  • god hand like fighting
  • NPCs that fight back
  • boss NPCs (they are to a limited extend)
  • ground pound attack makes an explosion
  • melee attacks can launch vehicles (you could maybe make a vehicle super weak to achieve it)
The rest are a somewhat not that hard to do however!
That sounds like one cool mod to be honest though
interesting. would the god hand idea not be at least half way possible? like have no grace period between kicking so you could just spam it?
I am not 100% positive it is impossible, I'm not sure if the animation is what causes the grace or some hardcode to be honest, I'll check it out when I get some time