RC-race (with Bart and The Springfield Bullies) mod

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Hello, guys. A while ago I was experimenting with making very small vehicles in the game like RC-cars and decided to make a race involving them which would take place on custom track made specially for RC-cars racing. So I created this mod that features all this stuff.
The RC-race replaces original circuit race from level 2, so in order to play it you have to select any mission in level 2 then go to Nelson and talk to him. You will race with four opponents on other RC-cars. There's no plot in the mod, but imagine that you playing as Bart play with The Springfield Bullies (they appear together with Bart near the track).

Handling of the RC-car is not very convenient and AI of opponents is quite stupid, but I tried to make it as better as I could. However, I planned this mod to just show a concept of RC-racing in SHaR and it isn't supposed to be taken so seriously.

Also the mod contains two settings such as RC-car color which allows you to choose color style for your RC-car and View where you can choose view from which you want to observe the race. So you can slightly vary your racing experience.

Spoiler: Screenshots

Warning: When playing the race at low FPS rate car physics can go insane!

Lol I love it. It's not much but really outstanding in my opinion.
I didn't plan to play shar tonight, even more an RC race, but I guess that's what my faith had for me. Keep it up with stuff like this, I hope others will enjoy it as much as I did!
There's no feedback without me picking on something, in this case it's just the turning, I believe it could've been not as high, but that's a very minor pick right there.
Overall I loved it & I hope to see more stuff like this, great potential! Wish I could slap a big thumbs up on this page
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It's funny when you see it in another angle xD