I want to translate this game into my own language

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Hун, I want to translate this game into my own language. How to convert `rmv` file and how to open `lmlm` file?, thanks
Hello, and welcome to the forums!
rmv files are actually bik files, which can be accessed with Bink Video! software, made by RAD Game Tools.
lmlm files can be decompiled by the mod launcher, though some might be encrypted and not decompilable.
To decompile a lmlm file, you put the file in your Mods directory, then run the launcher. If you see the mod in the list, right-click it and then click "Decompile" and decompile it to any convenient path.
Cool thanks for the quick response !
Sorry for the stupid question, where are the Language files?
It should be in art/frontend/scrooby/resource/txtbible/srr2.p3d
could you help me Decompile language files?
Hello, important question, do you have the Pure 3D Editor?
If you do, in order to decompile the language, open srr2.p3d, then right-click one of the languages & click "Export language".
However, it is not recommended to edit the original file and you should instead set up CustomText.ini in your mod, more details on this page.
Thanks for the help!