Character Swap (Character Swap Plus now available!)

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Behold the character swap! This mod allows you to change into any character (and their outfits) at any level (i.e. Bart in Level 1).
DISCLAIMER: Playing missions as any character other than the original one will softlock your game!

Character Swap: The original version of this mod, it only contains the main characters and their outfits.
Character Swap Plus: An advanced version of this mod, it contains EVERY character in the game.



Character Swap Video Showcase

Character Swap Plus Video Showcase

This mod makes great use of the Increased Reward Limits and Custom Shop Support hacks.


Character Swap
Character Swap Plus
I'm interesting, but nice job, Maz!
Would be cool if it loads the character soundtrack aswell, ex: i choose bart and i get level 2 music, i choose homer then i get L1 music, it's a pretty cool idea tho, also good job
If only we can associate this mod w/ Fully Connected Map Mods.
If only we can associate this mod w/ Fully Connected Map Mods.

This mod is compatible with the Fully Connected Map (& maybe more than just that).
Only one issue currently - the skin changer is only behind the backyard of the Simpsons house.