Springfield Truck Simulator

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Face King Homer if you dare!

Hi, friends! A month ago I was experimenting with some stuff in the game, and now, as result of experiments, the Springfield Truck Simulator mod is released!

This is my first campaign mod. It has no storyline but 4 separate missions. The main feature is that you drive truck which has trailer. In these 4 missions you will have to deliver miscellaneous cargos getting into various situations and try not to lose your trailer. Trailers aren't part of the game. They're simulated here as separate "vehicles" which spawn behind truck and the truck pulls them. So, occasionally, some oddities with physics can happen. But I think they are unlikely to spoil the impression of the mod.

Spoiler: Screenshots

Special thanks to Colou for the Fully Connected Map which is used in the mod.

This is so great, such a unique experience, I loved this so much.
Nice job!

That reminds me likes Mission of Tanker Commander from GTA San Andreas.
Great job!
Отличная работа) Правда мод оказался очень даже хардкорным, прицепы очень часто отпадаю(
Perfect mod, 99999/10
my man this is SOOOOO difficult. but amazing.