Tuesday Topics #29: Additional Characters and R4

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Hey everyone, this is Borb from Donut Team because Loren is too busy feeding his pet bird to write a Tuesday Topics!

This week, you'll learn about an upcoming update to Additional Characters as well as a small status update on the R4 project

You can read the blog post here and discuss it below!
Truthfully, there hasn't been any meaningful progress beyond story planning and the outline of a new L1 bonus mission.
So you're saying that nothing has been done since this project was first approved and in fact sounds like the work that was done was shelved.

To call it a premature announcement is somewhat fair, but that also doesn't take into account the fact that the people who are working on this project, approached me with this idea, pitched the idea and subsequently began development on it shortly afterwards and a few weeks before announcement.

Creating a mod isn't easy, but it also isn't hard. I can understand morale and it being a side project, but give me a f****** break at this point. That doesn't just apply to this specific instance either. It either isn't a priority or isn't something anyone wants to do. If that's the case, that's cool; but let's not kid ourselves here.

[...] without even telling us that a tweet was going out announcing the project.
It also is a blanket lie and degradation of my character that you claim you had no knowledge of it being announced in a tweet. Because first of all, it was announced in a Donut Team Status Update. And second of all, before it was announced, it was openly discussed with the team about talking about it in said video to indicate that Donut Team was doing something.

Like I genuinely don't want to come off as a d*******, but what the f***?

Edit: 11:50am
In addition to that, in a prior status update, I specifically made the announcement that we had intentions to revisit this mod but had no news on it and it was not indication of anything in the works. So the community was aware of this, and regardless of any specific announcement, clarity should have been given for a mod that has not had a major update since 2017 and a minor update since 2018.

Hi. Your donut mod is cool, I liked it. I always run into this error after I go into Homer's office.
This is the mission where Homer has to destroy targets. But the crash of the mission does not allow me to complete it.
That i have folder crashes for donut mod 4 and savegame.