Lua Execution Error

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Hey guys,

When starting the mission Surge To Kill, right after the cutscene in Homer's workspace when the loading screen comes on I am brought out of the game and shown an error message

Lua Execution Error
Mod: Donut Mod
[string"...d4beta/Resources/scripts/modules/game.lua"]:18: SetMaxTraffic requires at least 1 arguments.
stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'assert'
[string "...d4Beta/Resources/scripts/modules/game.lua"]:18:in field 'SetMaxTraffic'
[string"...esources/scripts/missions/level01/m3i.lua"]:188: in main chunk

If I go back into the game it acts as if I've destroyed the cameras and the objective shows "return to your workspace for a well deserved rest" however there is no prompt to end the mission in the work space.

I'm not the best with the technical stuff so apologies if this is an obvious fix to you, I only have Donut Mod 4 and 3D Phone Booth Previews active on the launcher.

Hope you can help, thanks :)
Hello there, this issue has been brought up before and the team is aware of it.
I have published a patch for that which is yet to be added to the mod, you can download it here.
I hope this helps!
Brilliant it's all working now, thanks for the quick response!
I'm glad it works, you're welcome!