Why is there no WWE mods for Simpsons hit & run?

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I'm a big fan of the Simpsons and the Simpsons hit & run. and I'm also a HUGE fan of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) so I was thinking:
why is there not a single WWE mod for SHAR? I feel like someone would have made one by now right?. I would so be up for making one but i have no idea even how to make mods for SHAR. so anyone reading this if you know how to mod and you like WWE then do you think you could make one? and here is what would be good to have in the mod:

The Plan: 1 WWE Superstars. 2 a WWE arena. 3 a thing where if you knock them out of the ring you win.

and that's basically it!. but it would also just be cool to have WWE superstars as costumes in SHAR for fun. such as the undertaker, john cena, the rock, stone, cold, brock lesnar, and more