Favorite S.H.A.R Mods?

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Hello, Dountmunch here, was just curious to know what mods were some of your favorites? I 'd liked to know what people have to say and so I can try out some good mods. Please do share.
Hello! My favourite mod is Some Challenge Mod (Remake Version)
Hi there! There are a bunch of different mods people enjoy differently, kind of depends on you. For mission mods, my personal favorites are @Colou 's Storm Over Springfield and @Borb 's Easter mod 2.
I also enjoy some that aren't just mission mods, which are @tay's Slender: The Eight Pages and my own Dynamic Tuning.
You can find more mods in the play history. Good luck finding some mods that you'll enjoy, and have great fun!
hello Dountmunch, my favorite mod is the "Donut Mod". But now I'm really looking forward to the "Futurama Hit And Run" mod, I'm sure that after its release it will be my favorite) By the way, as always, I write through a translator, so sorry for the mistakes
hi my favorite mod was Bart's Birthday made by maz its a mod that i was waiting to play to realease
mabey the mod will realase next week im so happy to play this mod when is fully realase