Unused Voice Clips on TCRF.net

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Before about 2 days ago, the TCRF site was really awful with their Unused Voice Clips section. There were probably about 12 quotes with 8 of them just being text, and half of those being inaccurate text. I've been working to make a new page, make it better than it was before, and I figured it would be worth to mention here.

The link has an extra %26 in it.

Wiki Page: tcrf.net/The_Simpsons:_Hit_%26_Run
Voiceover Page: tcrf.net/The_Simpsons:_Hit_%26_Run/Unused_Voice_Clips
The TCRF page has always been pretty empty. There's more than just the unused voice clips those people forgot/didn't add. Many sound effects were also remained unused, one of which was even featured in my mod. I'd add it in, but my gut tells me something else was higher priority.

Also, don't link it, just copy and paste this: tcrf.net/The_Simpsons:_Hit_&_Run
KoopaKingdom what do you mean? You reposted the same link I did (unless it was edited by one of DT's staff).

I don't really know why what I did doesn't work, or why it changes the & to %26. I'd imagine it's how the site or the browser handles special characters I guess?

Somebot: I suppose I could add sound effects (or maybe you could do that) but I want to upload all of the voice clips first because there's a lot of it that it would probably take like a literal 16 hours straight to do, which isn't something I can do, unfortunately.
My bad, Chrome(or the forum?) seems to be changing %26 to %2526 in the URL, so you have to copy-paste the url instead of clicking it.
I'd imagine it's because of the amperand, like you said.
Anyways, good job!

EDIT: I think that the Apu destroy quotes are using the wrong files

Also, something I noticed is that frink's "See you around, silly person" quote is from Road Rage.
Thanks for pointing out the destroy quotes. And yeah, there's probably a lot of different lines from Road Rage, which I suppose could be documented but frankly I'm not really sure on some lines so I'm not going to mention those types of things.

Pretty much doing one type of dialogue per day. The first day I did answer dialogue and Legs' unused character dialogue, yesterday I did AI destroy and today I'm doing the break cam dialogue. Feel free to post here as well if you ever notice some inconsistency (like the messed up Apu lines)
Plus one great category!