The game stops at a point on the map

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I am using a mod created by me that has some modifications in the map of some levels but the game for some reason stops when I pass through the cemetery in the first level which is an area that does not modify and I do not know that doing this also happens in other levels

error image:

Could you send a link to your crash dump? Also may I ask what modifications did you make? Anything collision related?
exactly if it has to do a little with that but the mod adds more clothes and a little more cars and some changes in the map which are not mine but I will put the authors of their respective mod but well so far there are only map changes in level 1, 2 and 5 but in level 1 the game stops if I cross in the cemetery which is a area which has not been changed or replaced by another land and on level 5 in the town hall which is also an area that has no change in place
Does that happen without any mods enabled? If not, could you send me your mod or a crash dump?
if it happens without any mod enabled
here is the link of the mod to decompile:
if it happens without any mod enabled
here is the link of the mod to decompile:

This file is not decompilable so I can't really open it.
I did get a crash, but it led me nowhere. Could you add the following block to your "Meta.ini" and recompile the mod then send it to me?
sorry is that I confused file but well here is the link:
Hi there, I managed to fix the crash for you and also got rid of a few (apparently) useless files. You can download the fix here.
It was caused by the male5_m.p3d file, which I removed completely.
Well I was checking the mod to see if there were no problems and apparently there are no problems so thank you very much I thank you :)