How can I make pedestrians chase me?

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Hello everyone, I have seen a video of surreal bot in which pedestrians chased Lisa,
what is the value (number) to make pedestrians chase the player: I have the cheat tablet.
What will be the value (number)
I suggest you play around with it & see. I wish I could give you a proper answer, but I haven't got the chance to play around with it myself yet.
I don't think so because I'm in another country

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I have the cheat tablet of him but I don't know the value to make pedestrians chase the player
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I'm afraid I haven't personally used Cheat Table either myself. You're looking to re-create the effects shown in ObsoleteQuality's video?

He did explain how to use the cheat table in the comments section. You'd want to look for the 'Panicking Pedestrians' in the 'Hacks' category and enable all the scripts, it sounds like.
thanks kenny giles