Checking files while downloading

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In short, I want to install this mod . But I want to check the file before downloading. If there are sites that can check the file, and then I will download it already? I just don't want to install any virus or miner and kill my computer. If you have a suggestion, I will listen carefully, thanks.
Apologies if this comes across as rude, but I'm not entirely sure I understand why you're asking this on a forum that primarily deals with Simpsons: Hit & Run modding? I do understand this was posted in Off Topic and doesn't necessarily pertain to Hit & Run itself, but you might get better help asking in a Minecraft-centered forum/Discord? It's been ages since I launched the Java release of Minecraft and haven't messed with too many mods.

Based on a quick glance, I don't see anything wrong with the .jar file and I've found several other sites that seem to host the same mod. I'm not familiar with this particular site, but I'm not sure how frequently maintained it is and the download links to the recommended modding API (Minecraft Forge) seem to be slightly out of date. You'd probably be better off downloading mods from a more recognized Minecraft modding website such as CurseForge.

Websites such as VirusTotal also don't report anything wrong with the .jar file in question, either.