Hit & Run Development challenges

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> Only other thing I remember getting rejected was we had 2D Simpsons-style drawings for the mission breifings.

We've seen one or two of these in pre-release footage and I think one is in a file that isn't used. Interesting, I wouldn't have known they weren't made by the show.
QUOTE: >>did Crash of the Titans have an extra year?

There was kind of a long preproduction figuring that game out, so I think it had 18 months. All our other Crash games were made in 12 months, which is completely insane. It might sound like a lot of time, but picture this:
- Finish last year's game august/september ... the team is exhausted, at least some of them been crunching, so everyone gets holidays, some extended. So a month gone you don't really start the next game until November.
- Two months preproduction - to figure out the game vision, the story, the world design, characters, gameplay plan, everything else you need
- Production starts January
- Production ENDS July, at the latest, because you need two months to finish, tune, polish, debug, and ship the game in time for next Christmas

So of 12 months there is only 6 (at most 7) months actual production time for programming all the features making all the levels and other art assets.

no wonder why Mind Over Mutant had so much backtracking!
Why did Kearney wear a red T-shirt in the tavern? XD


I'm half-kidding, half-being serious.

It's not a big deal; it's just something I've always wondered about since I've been a kid.

Perhaps it's a glitch. Maybe someone on here knows?
i think thats a glitch.