"Unable to save game. Check to see you have file write permissions"

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I've just started using Lucas' mod launcher and I'm unable to save I can't find anything online besides giving myself ownership of the the .exe but that didn't change anything.
I'm not using and mods so I know its not that I just have no idea what's going on and this is the only place I know where to ask.
Hey there! Apologies you're running into trouble with that. This is the first I've heard of the issue myself.

Out of curiosity, what Operating System are you using? Windows 7? 10? Where is your game installed? It might be possible that folder permissions are messing with the saving there.

When you say you're giving yourself ownership of the executable, are you referring to the Launcher's executable, or the Simpsons.exe?

If you're able to provide some of that information, it might help narrow down the issue. Thank you!
Hey thank you for the reply, I ended up figuring it out- it was because I installed the game on my D: drive instead of my C: drive.