A day in the life: Radical Entertainment

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what kind of a question is "was lisa cool meant to cost only 200 coins instead of 250" where did you find her being 200 coins? XD
Sorry if I seemed nitpicking but would be interesting to hear more about the game from the developer. I always wanted to ask some of the questions I've had since a while. The other things I had in mind (levels 8 and 9, level 7 being all 3 maps combined into one, etc) were already answered.

About Cell Phone Cars, that's true but they can be driven with the All Cars cheat code. What I find weird is that they are ONLY cars in game that make driver invisible. All other cars have character visible.

About Lisa Cool, sorry if I didn't explain clear before but in other levels, there is different price for each clothing that increases per price in each level. Here is what I mean:
Level 1: Homer Casual costs 100 coins, Homer Muumuu costs 125 coins, Homer Chosen One costs 150 coins.
Level 2: Bart Tall costs 150 coins, Bart Football costs 200 coins, Bart Ninja costs 250 coins.
Level 3: Lisa Cool costs 250 coins, Lisa Floreda costs 250 coins, Lisa Hockey costs 300 coins.

As you can see, both Cool and Floreda cost 250 but I'm pretty sure Cool was meant to cost only 200 coins. Maybe price was changed because it's required for L3M5?
I hope I explained better this time.
Pretty sure that is a bug. Either we missed it, or caught it too late to fix.
Thanks for the reply. What do you think of the other stuff I posted in this topic: donutteam.com/forum/topic/482/
I would like to know mostly about those unused vehicles such as Ice Cream Truck, Sedan A and Station Wagon. Were they meant to be used at some point?
Don't have any questions but am abit starstruck lol, Radical sounds like a great place to have worked and I wish companys these day would put as much love into there games as you and the rest of Radical did.