It is water: But it has a much better water effect (Resource)

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Although I have disappeared 1 year ago, that is nothing, since it is just a simple nap. Well, that doesn't matter anymore.

Using the exact same water effect from the video game "Crash of the Titans", this resource makes the water go from being a simple and boring water texture in the original SHAR, to an amazing transparent effect texture, with a painted color that visually looks great!. 🌊​🤩​

I know that the most frequent question that all of you will ask is:
How can I make this water effect for my own mod? 🤔​

In this Spoiler here, it will be explained detail by detail how this water effect can be achieved:
1: Download the ".rar" file.

2: Open the file "Water Effect.p3d".

3: Next, I am going to detail what each file inside is for.
-"water_20.tga" It is a very important texture to make the effect of water. Although the texture is in white color, IT SHOULD NOT BE PAINTED IN
PHOTOSHOP! Since it can get messed up and you wouldn't be able to customize its color in the next Shaders part.
-"water_20_128 (Level X)_m": They are a variety of Shaders that although they all have different colors, they all meet the objective of being transparent
and being able to customize the colors. The Shaders are ordered with the name "(Level X)" from 1 to 7. The Shaders are also very important, and in order for
them to have the effect of water, the following must be activated:
PDDI Shader: simple (Required)., Texture: water_20.tga (Required)., Diffuse: Light Blue, or other
colors that surround the current level, or for a specific area of your mod (Optional)., Blend Mode: Alpha (Required)., Filter Mode: Linear or other types of filters
(Optional)., UV Mode: Tile (Required)., Lighting (Activated) and Two Sided (Activated). The rest of the options that I do not mention, do not have to activate
them because they are unnecessary and/or they make the water effect not work.

-Water Example (Level X): They are the 3D models of the water to show that the shaders work well. They are not mandatory to put them in your mods, if
you want to do that or not, it is your decision.
Have you already decided to use the texture, shader and/or 3D model? Let's go to step 4.

4: Within your own mod, the 3D model that you want to apply the water effect to, must have the shader and texture mentioned above.

The rest you already know what to do

These are frequently asked questions, in addition to the previous question that was already answered:
Ask 1: My 3D model with the water effect is completely black, how do I fix it?

Answer: It is probably because the 3D model does not have the texture, or because the 3D model has a bad position.

Ask 2: Oh no! My 3D model has texture enabled, but the texture is misplaced on the 3D model, what do I do now?

Answer: If you have knowledge in Blender, you can edit the texture of the 3D model in the "UV Editing" section and fix the texture of the 3D model in a way that seems more decent to you.

Ask 3: I put the texture to the 3D model, corrected it and so far so good. But, how can I remove that texture that is joined between the sand and the water, from level 3 and 6?

Answer: If you have some knowledge of Blender, you can separate the 3D model into 2 and add a texture to both separate models, one for the sand and one for the water effect.

And it really works! 😍​ (Comparisons with Screenshots):

You can now download it here!:

That is all! Goodbye 😇​👋​