Starwars Lightsabers mod v1

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Adds Lightsabers to the game. Custom animations and sounds. You can change the colour in the mod settings.
The animations are far from perfect. I gave it a good go. You can make them better if you want to :)
It's decompilable and free to use. So go ahead.

Spoiler: Screenshots


This is one of my favourite weapons, it's a lasersaber and I love it! Nice work, tho 😀
Spoiler: Finally, now I can be a Star Wars!

Having the toggleable colors is even better too! Not the hugest Star Wars fanatic out there, but I loved the Lego game adaptions. Thought Mace Windu's purple light saber was great, and now I can beat SHAR NPCs with it. What an oddly specific dream!