Nissan S15 Custom (with Dynamic Tuning)

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Hello racers!

I'm here once again with a JDM icon of the 90s, but this time with tunable parts!

Thanks to the Dynamic Tuning Mod (3.0) created by mazexz, i created a new tuneable car for your collection (yes, it's decompilable), full of custom wheels such as BBS wheels, and some interesting parts like spoilers, three custom colors and more!

Tuning Parts Available:

- 3 custom colors: Blue, Midnight Purple, White.
- 3 custom spoilers: GT, Drag, Low.
- 5 custom hoods: Blue, Midnight Purple, White, Carbon, No Hood.
- 3 custom wheels: BBS Tires 22", BBS Tires 20" (Gold), Sport.

- 4 custom setups: Stock, Drag, Drift, Nismo High Performance.
- 5 custom engines: Stock, High Speed Sport, High Acceleration Sport, Balanced Sport, RB26 Swap Performance.

Setups description:
- Stock: Your ordinary Silvia S15 setup.
- Drag: Extremely High Speed and Acceleration, with very low handling, just like a Drag race car.
- Drift: Decent Acceleration and custom low grip wheels. This is a reworked version of the Low Grip wheels of the Dynamic Tuning Mod
- Nismo High Performance: A sport setups that mixes great speed, acceleration and grip. Perfect for races.

Engines description:
- Stock: Your ordinary Silvia S15 engine.
- High Speed Sport: High Speed with decent Acceleration.
- High Acceleration Sport: High Acceleration with decent Speed.
- Balanced Sport: A balanced mixture of both.
- RB26 Swap Performance: A swap with a custom RB26 engine, with Very High Speed, Acceleration and added weight.

Download Link:

Dynamic Tuning Mod (3.0) by mazexz (necessary for the mod to work):


Thanks again to mazexz, who gave me the permission to use his mod! Check his one out, he truly deserves some recognition for his tool.
Lovely, I'm glad to see this put into good use!