Springfield Grand Prix

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Its a F1 race mod. Literally. Level 2, race 2 (Nelson).
Because I'm incredibly dumb, this was a lot of work to get to work. This was made with the intention to work with my OWR Relocation mod, that way you have the OWR before the race, not 5 levels after.

Download v1.0.4 (Latest)
Relase notes

Re-position car #4 (The one that starts 5th)
Add different paint schemes
Reposition "LAPS" text
Change countdown (Official now, thanks Kenny)
Add a driver to car #4
Stop trying to use Photobucket for this site
Strengthen AI cars
Add some barriers and rumble pads, if even possible
AI spectators
Edit S/F sign
More laps?
Looks awesome!
If you want to make the cars stronger, edit the .con file and change the SetHitPoints to a higher number.
Thanks Silent
And thank you for the info, I'll get onto that soon
No problemo, hope everything works out! :)
V1.0.3 is out and ready for download
Good luck trying to add more cars. Also, what do you mean by "AI spectators"?
Its not too hard adding more cars actually.
By AI spectators, I mean AI (Like Patty and Selma for example) standing by the barriers "watching" the race
Ah. I gotcha. But seriously, good luck trying to add more. The game will freak out if you add more than your current amount.
It already kinda freaks out actually
I might want to scrap that idea
v1.0.4 is out now