So uhh... i'm new here huh?

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So recently I checked out Donut Team and I downloaded many mods, but I thought "What if I could make my own Hit and Run Mod?" Well here's your chance!

Big City Greens: Road Rampage is new here in Donut Team! Follow Cricket and his family will experience crazy adventures in Big City! Up to 4 Levels, 7 Missions, 3 races, bonus missions, all of those characters, and even more!

The Greens Family has to take on everything within it in the street, then suddenly, Chip Whistler returns and he ULTIMATELY gets revenge on Cricket, and they build their own limo car. What will happen next?

(Note: We have no idea when it's coming out or not)

Big City Greens (C) Disney Channel
The Simpsons: Hit & Run (C) Radical Entertainment, Vivendi Universal Games
The CW Play (C) suzysack94