New result of attacking pedestrians by foot or vehicle

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I don't know if anyone else has already had this idea but please could someone make a mod/hack that makes it so pedestrians have the same fate as wasp cameras when they're attacked (kicked once or rammed by car then they immediately disappear into coins).

Preferably permanently per pedestrian per save.

Not the characters who are actually from the series (because we need them for missions) but rather all the unidentified characters who get up and run away right after they're attacked; but I want this mod so that they don't run away, but rather be destroyed into coins

E.g. Level 1 Homer kicks Hans Moleman but no changes to what happens to the latter. But then Homer kicks a random schoolboy and the latter is destroyed into coins.

And of course each person instantly destroyed automatically sets off the H&R meter regardless of how close or not it was to being set off

I want this mod because the pedestrians are totally useless and it would be very satisfying wiping them out!
Hello there & welcome!
This isn't exactly what you're looking for, but the additional script functionality hack includes an objective that allows the player to pass only if they hit pedestrians (which can toggle an explosion).
Similarly, there's also a condition with the same name & a similar (though a little less advanced) effect.
I hope this is quite satisfying to your request!
Do they disappear and turn into coins in this explosion you say?