Level 7 Rich Side Restoration WITH the Human Cemetery Gates open and no invisible wall on either side

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No offence to the original creator but the file "CustomFiles.ini" and the coding in it was completely futile. I deleted it and the mod still worked perfectly. Just saying
Hi, I want to let you know that for mod showcases, you're required to upload a screenshot of your mod (you can use either imgur.com or prnt.sc to upload) so the users know what they're dealing with. Example: [img]https://imgur.com/my/image/path.jpg[/img]

As for the link, I recommend you format the url to display a hyperlink instead of a link, for a nicer look. Example: [url=www.mediafire.com/file/1bi3ueeb1q64ghw/Level_7_Rich_Side_Restoration_with_Human_Cemetery_gates_open.lmlm/file]Download[/url] -> Download

If you're confused about any of these, please make sure to read the requirements for the "SHAR: Mod Showcase" board.
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