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Hi fellas, remember me? AshleyGamer1995. I haven't been on this site again for almost a year right now, but, to be honest, I already lost interest on it, and perhaps now I'm feeling pretty much the same this way. So sorry. And sorry also for my feelings and odd posts of behaviour in the past, like my recent topic (whatever it was). It's just that I'm not "normal-minded" like most people are, but have special ways of thinking about life. I still do try my best for right though, believe it or not. I won't be on this site as much anymore, so try not to miss me or anything, OK?

Anyway, just came to ask of something, before I might leave again - is there a Pokémon mod for Simpsons Hit & Run? I don't mean the Pickle Mod, just a total PKMN one. I am a solid fan of Pokémon since I became new to the series in 2013, beginning with FireRed on the VisualBoyAdvance emulator, then over to Diamond, White, X, HeartGold and Ruby. I'm even wondering if there's any people here on the site who may be fans of Pokémon I could seek to make friends with, if possible? I don't think I had any so far in my life of experience. Nothing important, I know, just casual suggestions. I tried to look for fans of PKMN on DeviantArt where I come from, but no luck; either they're not interested in me when I tried kindly introducing myself to them, or they're absent. So now I try asking here. One last note of interest regarding Pokémon - for some unique reason, I'm currently into the Gen V character named Virizion. Something about her just strikes me and my way of thoughts, whatever it is. Just something.

By the way, I had my birthday back on 2nd October, so I've now turned 27. I had a pretty good Domino's Pizza as a treat, but no actual presents received as I hoped, oddly. Merry (early) Christmas for this year's end as well. I do have to say this - personally I prefer a regular green Christmas tree AND colourful ball balls and lights on it for show in neighbourhoods or in houses...whereas my mom prefers a simple white/silver Christmas tree with white lights and ball balls. She just thinks colours are "cheap and tacky", and doesn't actually approve my said preference otherwise, but hey, it's just the choices of each individual like always.

Bye now...and feel free to answer.
Sigh... Is this topic not meant for interest through replies either now? What am I even supposed to say better? :/
Sigh... Is this topic not meant for interest through replies either now? What am I even supposed to say better? :/

Hi there, to be honest, I am not really sure what people would be supposed to reply. People mainly browse the forums for SHAR mods & tools regarding it. For more casual discussion, people use our Discord server, it's also more active than the forum.