Mario Kart Mod (1.1 Update Now Available for Download)

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The 1.1 update for this mod is now available with the following changes:
- Mario's "M" emblem on the front of the kart has been added.
- The model has been improved, now with better-looking wheel position and bars connecting the wheels to the kart.
- The phone booth images have been updated (now better looking as well).
- The stats have been revised, most notably the steering, which is now a bit less sensitive (thank you to TheKoopaKingdom for this suggestion).

Click the "Download" button in the top right. For those who don't know, just stick the ".lmlm" file into your Mods folder for the Lucas Launcher and you should be good to go.

Some new pictures:

Some brief video footage:


This mod implements the standard kart from Mario Kart 8 into Simpsons Hit and Run. The kart is added in as an entirely new vehicle, meaning it does not replace any existing vehicle. It has its own stats, phone booth pictures, and model. You can unlock it in the game by beating all 3 streetraces in Level 1. The old streetrace reward, the Electaurus, is now available for purchase from Gil in Level 1 for 200 coins.

You can decompile my mod by right-clicking it in the launcher. If you do this, feel free to poke around any files you're curious about, or even add it to your own mod. You can do this by adding the P3D file into your own mod folder and editing "rewards.mfk" to make the car available in the game. You would also need to copy the ".con" file into your mod folder if you were to do this. No need to ask me if you can add it to your mod, just give me credit and I'll be fine with it.

Please give me any feedback about the content in the mod, or about problems you may encounter in game or out of game. I'll likely provide updates with new content.

As for how I created the mod, I used the ".p3d" file for the existing ATV vehicle in Hit and Run as a base. I copied the P3D into a "CustomFiles" folder and set up all the ".ini"s and folders for the mod, then I imported the model for the kart into the P3D. After that, I simply re-sized and re-positioned the ATV wheels to fit the kart. After giving it a texture, I edited how it drives by changing values in a ".con" file until it drove to my liking. I added Mario's "M" emblem by manually editing the texture, using a ruler tool to make it in the exact center at the front. I also manually edited the model in Blender for the 1.1 update.

Old download (version 1.0):
Old photos (from version 1.0):

To do:
- Add sounds to the kart, as it is currently silent. I tried copying a ".spt" file with new data for the kart into "sounds/scripts", but the car was still silent. Anyone know how to add sound?
- Possibly add smoke particles to the exhaust pipes, but I don't know if this is possible (my previous attempts crashed the game).
- Maybe add some more karts from different Mario Kart games, and possibly create a costume or two.
- Edit some races?
Looks great, I'm downloading this right away!

EDIT: Played it for a while. Suggestions:
- Make the steering less sensitive
- Add an M to the front of the car
Thanks for the suggestions, I plan to add the M when I update this mod. I'll also look into making the steering better.
Haha looks good, ill give this a download.
Better than my attempt at importing a vehicle
I just updated the Mario Kart Mod to the 1.1 version. You can find the changes I made as well as the download link at the top of the original post.
real good job on the model, man! it looks really brilliant! certainly better than the standard kart i ported for TOS (although to be fair, the model i got for it was from mario kart DS).
Thanks! I got the body model itself here:

Looks pretty good in game with just a bit of tweaking.
How did you texture it?
First, import your desired texture.
Then make a shader, which you do by going to an already existing shader and selecting the texture you want on the dropdown menu for said shader.
Then go to the part of the model you want to texture, and select the shader you want it to have.