Attempting to port the GTA IV Infernus

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I got bored, so I started to try to port it into SHAR. I don't know if I'll finish this, but I'm just happy that I got as far as I did. Thanks to AlexBridgez
Actually, I'll work on this again next weekend. I'll try porting it over a different car, since the OWR was probably a dumb choice

It's in the game. Seems a bit backwards though...Backwards Bob 2: Electric Boogaloo?

That's better

I deleted a lot of stuff from the .blend/.obj, so it looks a tiny bit better

Blank .obj's for some old parts

And now its textured

Still need to work on damage though, but y'know

The model I'm using
Just a matter of making it look right now that I know how to do it
If it were bigger...
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Great, but car is small, also you need to fix Wheel Location.
The way we port cars is we take our base car we're going to use. We put both models in Blender or in our preferred modelling software. We align the wheels and have them facing the right way. We scale up or down if necessary. We export that OBJ and then move from there.
Guess I should start learning how to use Blender
The mesh has everything actually, don't mind the fact there's no doors, hood, etc
Little help with the glass, by the way? If I have the glass set to Alpha in the shader's Blend Mode, only the glass for the left headlight and some glass in the back of the driver's compartment works fine, but all else lets you see right through a lot of the car. Is the only solution in this case to set Blend Mode to none?
Oh damn, its looking a lot better now

Need to do a little texture work, but its actually almost done

The wheels are moved a bit now too, textures, sound, phonebooth picture, and lights need work only
Looks good, I like the idea of porting GTA vehicles.
Thanks. I'll probably just set the glass' Blend Mode to none, try to import the custom wheels that came with it, and throw up whatever it is if it works and looks OK

Importing the wheels went surprisingly well.
Download what I have here. Just saying, its not done