Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX 1999

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So as part of TOS we've been porting various vehicles, this is one to be included and since i feel so nice right now i think it's safe to say that i'll let you guys have a taste of this car.

It also has randomizing colours including:
-Dark Blue

This car can be used within you guys' own mods. So feel free to hit decompile on this thing and implement it into your mods.

Nice mod! I'm most certaintly downloading this. I've tried to port cars before but never had the patience to align the wheels and lights, so well done to you.
BEST MOD EVER! 10/10 IGN 95/100 Metacritic
But ofcourse, how can we forget.
(the mod isn't s***, just don't forget our god and saviour)
7/13, its perfect
Now do a Talon though
I wanna see a red dodge ram. mod looks awesome
and evolution??? of brian o conner!