I am unable to edit either a custom car hitbox or a vanilla game hitbox in Blender.

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Hello,I'm running into a bit of a problem where I can't import a car's hitbox(whether it's the hitbox of a custom car or a vanilla game car's hitbox)into Blender.
Using Weasel's hitbox editing plugin gives me a"No collision chunks found!"error when I try importing it,and using Lucas' XML plugin simply does nothing.Is there a reason why?I'm using Blender 3.4.1 btw.
In the last response of the topic about Collision Editor, its author said "only exporting is supported at the moment (and I don't plan to add import)".
I can only suggest you recreate original collision volumes of your car based on their sizes and positions in the P3D Editor, and then add your custom volumes and export
Cool,but how do I view their positions and sizes?
Select child chunks of Collision Volumes (Collision Oriented Bounding Box, Collision Sphere, etc.), switch to Value Editor and there will be sizes of collisions. Right click on Collision Oriented Bounding Box and press Edit Rotation to find out its rotation. Select Collision Vector Centre to find out its position.