SHAR: Halloween Nightmares Beta (Patch v1.0.2 soon + Technical Difficulties, please stand by)

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Too insane for get some issues with this mod, please stand by to fix this lmao.

SHAR: Halloween Nightmares is a mod that makes Level 7 more different, adding for the missions variety (new objectives, new challenges, and more!)

This mod is in development, if you find a bug remember report this here and in a next update this was fixed.
Ultimate Level 7 Restoration Mod (Used for make SHARHN)

For play this is very obvious, open the game and select one of the 7 missions from the Level 7, originally I was planned to make only the Level 7 a only playable level, but this can't be possible because the game crashes, but...
Probably in a future I can left this Level as a only playable level.

NOTE: For make a translation for France and Germany I used Google Translate, if you find an inconsistency in the translation send me here in the comments!
Sorry for this, only I speak English and Spanish :(((

SHAR:HN Videos:

29:24 (Beta v1.0.1)

Level 7 Changes:
  • CHANGES (v1.0.1):
  • - All misions was changed.
  • - Rich Side and Power Plant was UNLOCKED, credits to Yoshogon32
  • - Alien "Auto"topsy II unused objective was RE-ENABLED, now you can get a idea how this mission was planned during the development...
  • - Alien "Auto"topsy III is COMPLETELY NEW. Now this mission have more variety and is 3 times longer than before.
  • - "Kang and Kodos Strike Back" plays during "Alien "Auto"topsy III" insteand of "The Fat and the Furious".
  • - Some missions was reduced the time limit, OR another added time, for make the mod a bit harder.
  • - Unused dialogues are now reused for the missions: "There's Something About Monty (using a unused dialogue from Homer in Level 1, Mission 7) and Alien "Auto"topsy I (using a unused dialogue from this mission)"!
  • - Grampa World War's vehicle have modifications for the mision Alien "Auto"topsy III.
  • - Alien Car Rich Side road is similar to Kenny Giles mod, but the path isn't to the Stonecutters' Tunnel.
  • - Follow distance now is a little shorter than before, now avoid from a car is longer.
  • - Alien Car can't stop you after you losing the car in Alien "Auto"topsy I...

  • - Some missions was changed the player position when you select a mission:
  • - Rigor Motors: You appears outside from The Simpsons House.
  • - Alien "Auto"topsy I: You appears in Mr Burns' Mansion Door.
  • - Alien "Auto"topsy III: You appears in Retirement Castle.
  • - Black Sedan and Black Van is coming back to make this more harder.
  • - Zombie Car was buffed.

  • Springfield is in your hands...

Some screenshots:
Rigor Motors: "With a unused line text used when you need to go to The Simpsons House."

Long Black Probes: "New Alien Car road."

There's Something About Monty: "New Description..."

There's Something About Monty: "Extra Objective"

Alien "Auto"topsy III: "New Description"
Nice mate :)
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Hi, iElcraZy_! It's me ImmortalFlamix there.

I was enjoying your mod, but the problem in mission 6, when the Chase sedan was chasing the player near Mr. Burns' mansion before we already lost him, and in the next stage I saw a game crash and goes wrong. And by the way, when you go to the nearby stonecutter or power plant's interior, I saw the error message about including the map of the area. And when you restart in mission 3, I notice that there is an error proper "SetDynaLoadData" Can you fix an error for the next update?
Ok, I need see the error, idk why this happened, but ty!
A patch is coming
This mod wont even launch for me sad face
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1 mo ago (Edited 1 month ago)
This mod wont even launch for me sad face

The issue is in all Levels (1 to 6) too? Weird it happend
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