Just 100% The Game in ONE SITTING Tonight for the 20th Anniversary of the game! LOL

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Bigger question is why you're playing the Gamecube version in an emulator and not the PC version
I mean, if you have a GameCube nearby, you can binge the duology of Radical Simpsons games in one sitting! And you can read the newspapers, just like people did in the olden times!

Congratulations on this accomplishment. I actually can't recall the last time I 100%'d Hit & Run myself since there's a fair amount of grinding for coins involved. It might have been a save right before the New Years where I purposefully went back to Level 1 and Wrench-farmed so every car was at 0% damage before saving. I usually just knock out all Story and Optional Missions in a save and call it a day otherwise. What you have is some real dedication.