The One and Only what the f*** is happening?

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Um.. what the hell is happening? Am i the only one who's not in on this joke or something?
[LATE EDIT]: I had to take a look at the date to realize Donutholeteam punked us, but only people who's clocks state it's april first have it..

What are you talking about?
This better not be an inside joke regarding the fact that nobody has ever said "what the f*** is happening" until now.
It might as well be x'D
haha i was well confused for a moment until I realised the date lol
Prank? I thought it's something like "Haker Attack".
Everything seems fine to me
Jaik, stop ignoring it. The April Fools prank fell apart because i saw it too early.
I don't think it fell apart, don't think it was too early, and what prank?
This is gr8 prank in the hood