Donut Mod 3.2.2 Suggestions

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Hey Donut Team!

I've been a huge fan of Simpsons Hit and Run since I was a little kid, and it makes me so happy to see people that love the game so much that they're redesigning all the missions to make them more fun and challenging for Hit and Run veterans like me. I'm also excited to see so many great new features in the 3.2 update, and am so frekin' excited for the new map you guys are making!

I have some suggestions for stuff you can add and change in the mod, and if you have time it would be awesome if you guys could take a look and see if there's anything you think is worth adding.

The first suggestion I have is to remove Skinner's sedan from the rewards, considering the new Family Sedan model is just a re textured model with lower stats, and also remove the Nerd Car, since it's kind of boring and has fairly low stats, and considering players have cars like the revamped Electaurus, the Wasp Bike, and the Knight Boat at their disposal, I doubt too many of them are going to use either of these anyway.

For replacements for these, I have the following suggestions:

-The Nuclear Bus
-The Malibu Stacy Car
-WWII vehicle (with slightly better stats, and for bonus it could be the "Vietnam vehicle" with Skinner")

This is just my opinion, and if you want to keep the above cars as rewards, I totally understand (they are memorable enemies to me)

I also loved what you did with the customization of Homer's car, and it would be awesome to see these things added to the two other default cars too.

-I don't have too many suggestions for the Honor Roller, since it's a small car and couldn't really fit much inside it, but maybe Bart's slingshot?

-For the Electaurus, I would suggest Snowball II, the science project from L1M1, and maybe a Vote D******* bumper sticker?

Also, two problems I noticed are that the Boatcar displays the incorrect stats in the phone booth, and the Patty Wagon is still virtually undrivable (this might be a gag, I don't know)

Thanks for listening, and I encourage others with ideas, suggestions, and bugs to post them in this thread as well!
Hiya max_power!

Glad you like what we're doing, so let me give some input on your suggestions:

I didn't really think about the fact Skinner's sedan is so similar. Maybe if we can think of a new bonus mission for Level 3 and a new character to host it we'll replace it. Of course this would also require the Custom Bonus Mission Support hack that isn't quite finished yet to be done (the character for the Bonus Mission is somewhat hardcoded).

I plan on making the Nuclear Bus available already but in a later level, as well as the WWII Vehicle and it's Rocket Car variant. I'm not too sure about the Malibu Stacy Car though.

Yeah the little trinkets in the cars were a fairly new idea we had and we're glad you like it! We'll look into some of these suggestions.

You mean the Knight Boat has incorrect stats? I'll look into it.

Also we did make the Patty Wagon a lot more drive-able than it was before, though it's still pretty bad and I might try to further overhaul it.
Hey Loren, thanks for replying!

I think a new bonus mission for level 3 would be awesome although I do like the current overhauled one.

I'm assuming the Rocket Jeep is going to be the default of L7, since Grandpa is the player character? I'm also really interested to see what car you're going to be using as Milhouse's default, since I can't really think of any in the game that fit him right now, so I assume you'll be adding a new one?

I understand about the Malibu Stacy Car, since it never really made since that it was Lisa's default in the first place considering her on/off relationship with the doll.

Yes, the Knight Boat is displaying the Malibu Stacy/Electaurus stats when called from the phone booth.

Yeeahhh making something more drivable is far from the same as making it driveable. The problem I've been experiencing is the fact that it will constantly wheelie. I understand that the bonus car is meant to be a gag though so I wouldn't worry to much about it.

Also, another idea I had was skins for cars. I don't know if it's possible for a car to load from two different p3d files without it being randomly chosen (like the wasp), but for example, you could have the Longhorn (classic) with the original orange skin, and the Longhorn (firebird) for the new skin you guys added, in case some people prefer the original skin. Same for Mr. Plow and the Family Sedan. Another thing you could do is add gag skins from the show, like the Family Sedan with the grease containers on the side, or the one from Road Rage with the writing on the sides.

Thank you so much for listening!

maxImum_homerdrive (aka. HOMER TO THE MAX)
Where is the patty wagon, I must drive it?
It's in Level 1, at the top of the Krusty Burger near the Kwik-E-Mart.
omg THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I saw the Patty Wagon on top of the Krusty Burger for the first time, it immediately made my day.

If I ever get around to making my own mod, would it be alright it I included it somewhere?
Yes since it's being removed from this mod anyways in the next major update (not to disappoint you).
No, it's fine. Honestly, now that it's a separate car mod that can be summoned from the phone booth, I think I'm probably happier now than having it just be a hidden car in Donut Mod.