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Hello, I am making a mod but the RSD Converter isn't doing anything. How does it work? Or is there another way o change the ingame music
First extract the rsd file from one of the .RCF files using the Lucas' RCF explorer , then you open that in the .RSD Converter and then you can change the sound from there by clicking import. Your sound file must be a .WAV file for it to be possible.
Thanks it worked!!!!
Bear in mind that you have to Hex Edit one or more RMS files to edit music or use music that is the exact same length or you will corrupt the game and it will crash randomly.
Yeah the fist time i did it all i heard was static the second time i could hear it fine
Your welcome! Glad I could help!
Do you know how to Hex Edit RMS files Butter Donut? Because you will unavoidably break the game otherwise when editing music. Unless of course your music is exactly the same length as the originals, and I mean down to the millisecond. I can link you to a post where I explain it if you don't know how.
@Loren Goodwin
Not OP, but I would like to know how to do this.
See my reply on this thread. It's a bit of a sloppy and weirdly placed guide but it's the best one I have atm.
Ummmm I backed up everything in a .zip file on a flashdrive and everything is working fine