Make the Timers in ALL levels more "fair".

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@Kenny Giles

I thought you had given up on Deathfish, because it wasn't in the Rebalance Update but if you do plan on adding it again then I completely understand not wanting a fourth difficulty. I can imagine Deathfish will be extremely challenging.

Nope! Still in the works. We just decided it wasn't worth placing in the Rebalance Update because we weren't quite sure on how to make it work and implement it, an update was (admittedly) long overdue (and we apologize), and we just wanted to shift focus towards the new Normal Mode.

You'll probably see it later on. The issue is that we just aren't quite sure how to implement it yet, as lower timers simply doesn't work and feels lazy in my opinion. We promised a whole new experience, and we plan to give you that. We were thinking of making every mission in Deathfish a forced car mission, but there might be a bit more we'll add later on.
Kenny, I'm sorry for being angry on this thread. I was very irrational yesterday, and I am formally apologizing for making this thread. at least it turned into something constructive. I said what I needed to say on the first post, but I now know how hard it is ti define "fair," because so many people have different stress levels. I like games that take at the most 3 takes to beat an objective. I need to face the facts games are becoming more challenging, and I need to manage my stress better.



Ah, no worries! It did indeed turn into something constructive. We understand that stuff can get a bit frustrating. I know vanilla L7M7 drove me insane when I was a kid and I was so happy to beat it.

It is indeed very hard to define the word "fair", as many people had different opinions on Donut Mod's old Normal Mode. However, we'll try to smooth it out a bit more later on with newer updates so it feels more accurate to the original game and less frustrating. We might even get more testers down the line so we can find the "sweet spot", and we might look into making skipping missions possible again on Normal Mode.
I think most of the timers are fair. Some of them are a little challenging, but nothing I can't figure out with a few tries.

The Level 3, Mission 7 is a little tricky though, I wasn't able to beat it without using a code to freeze the timer. Perhaps the timer could do with being a little bit longer, the main delay I had that was preventing me from beating the mission was the traffic vehicles getting in the way. I just couldn't get back to the C-Spanker from Kamp Krusty in time.
You can use Hellfish for two motives, Tom.

1 You are more expert than me ;)lol
2 You can use hacks like No Time Limits...

Goodbye. -JoJo