Custom HUD Icons

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Would anyone be willing to make some custom HUD Icons for a project I've been working on? I would credit you in the mod of course and I would owe you one gigantic favor! I don't have the resources to make them myself.
Depends how many you're looking for.
If you want a template i could probably provide one.
I could help you out if you want, depending on what you're looking for.

I can get a templete, I just can't make the icons. Thanks for offering though!

@duckdotexe and @YoursDiddilyTruly

Here's a list one the ones I need:

-The Springfield Church
-The Book Burning Van OR Reverend Lovejoy
-The fuel station sign (Loren the one you used in DM would be perfect
-The bonestorm truck
-The area 636 sign
-This building
-The barn next to the tomacco field

Doing any of these would be awesome and a great help!
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I have a template already made for the games original style of icons if you'd like one.

When I attempt to modify the icon in paint it has a white background.
Try pixlr
Thats what I use to edit anything
Paint doesn't support transparency. Use some other software. Some free ones include Gimp and

Also what Butter Donut said might be a good option, I don't know anything about that one myself though.