[The Simpsons Hit and Run: Yellow Shift] Alpha 2.2

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The mod is dead,
the thread is locked,
Yellow Shift's grave is under six feet of rock.

I'm sorry to say,
that Skinner and Marge,
will never see their story enlarged.

But don't fret, my friend,
as you will see,
there are plenty of other mods to enjoy on DT.

I enjoyed making Yellow Shift,
with the help of my mates,
but this story ended on an earlier date.
This is an awesome idea. I never thought of looking at the levels from another perspective.

Thanks! Yeah, Marge is my favorite character to play as so I wanted to do something with her, and I just thought of this.
Will there be more than 1 level

Most likely not, since it's implied in level 2 that all the Bonestorm games are gone.
This spin off sort of reminds me of Half-Life: Blue Shift which is slightly ironic considering Marge has some large blue hair.

Hit & Run: Blue Shift.
I thought that the idea for this mod is really good. Just finished playing it now.

I might have to steal that name. I'll credit you, don't worry.


I'm glad you liked the idea. Did you like the missions themselves?
@max_power998 Yes I thought the missions were a clever idea. Maybe a bit difficult when I first played them but still doable. also liked the idea of Homer doing his missions while Marge has her own missions.

Thanks! Yeah I'm planning on tweaking the difficulty of some of the missions because the way it is now is kinda sloppy.