Has anyone else tried beating Hit & Run at 2x speed using Cheat Engine?

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I just did that, and I found it to be a pretty interesting way to replay through the game.

Though, I did end up skipping a couple of missions. (looking at you, Never Trust A Snake and Set To Kill)
Cheat Engine? I'm old...
@Gordon (RBD)
It's a program that you can find here.
It has a speedhack feature, which is what I'm talking about.
I only use Cheat Engine to get more money in games, I forgot about the speedhack completely
Wow, thanks, I now can test my mod without spending a lot of time.
As a note, using Cheat Engine while developing your mod may cause unexpected bugs and issues to be either induced or ignored. We highly recommend not using any aspect of the program when developing a mod.
@Jake AndreĂžli
Well, most of cars that I add, are somehow purchased(I don't know what is this bug(It's appeared only when mod was V1.1)), but "Milk Truck", "R/C Buggy", "Ambulance", etc. are not purchased, and I think that I soon forget about Cheat Engine.
I found free time to try...And this is funny!