AI driver chases anybody besides the player?

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Hey look it's my first post ever here on Donut Team.
Some Bot - Nov 2019

The topic's name is self-explanatory. Some missions may involve somebody chasing the player and he/she must outrun them. But could an AI be programmed to chase anybody besides the player?

Along with that, if it's possible to create, could that AI randomly change its target to another driver (including the player) at any time? I can imagine this being used in a demolition derby game or a mission where you team up with somebody to destroy a runaway driver.
Its funny you say that, i had the exact ideas before. Currently, it's not possible. AI only allows you to aim, avoid, race with/at the player. Us "programming" the AI is really just telling it what to do (action) and when to do it.

Theoretically the game could be hacked to allow other actions, but its very unlikely.

I want a mission where you have one car your trying to guard. And another that's trying to destroy the other car. And you need to destroy the bad car or get the good car to safety. It would be awesome. Sadly not possible.