Train Car Artwork

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After being laid up about a week with severe back pain - and lost my camera for most of that week, being too sore to go looking for where I put it - I got more pictures taken and am uploading these for use in Level 4 of Donut Mod. Anyone else that wants to use them is welcome to.

For my first car, I found my 1973 Lionel Butterfinger refrigerator car and felt it would be very appropriate. Bart Simpson was once the commercial spokesman for Butterfinger candy. Until the 1940s "Billboard" cars along these lines were seen all over America, but some model makers make billboard cars with modern graphics too. The first and third image doesn't matter much if it's on the left or right, but the middle image, with the door, should be middle of car.

More coming soon!
I like the design of this car a lot but do you think it'd be possible to get clearer pictures? These ones seem kind of blurry compared to some of the other ones you've shown before.
Yes, I didn't have that great of lighting, and this car was made of plastic, with a slightly glossier finish than the other cars, so I had to try to shoot without flash. Set something up earlier that should make it easier.

Go figure, this particular car was made in glossy finish and flat finish. Flat is very common, glossy somewhat rare, and I have the glossy version.
Ah dang. Still interested to see what else you have.
Can I suggest an Allied Biscuit ad?
That would be awesome! Some special run Nabisco cars were made in the late 1980s, I have a few in my collection, including a car decorated for Teddy Grahams, which is quite rare. Fantasy paint jobs, of course. Though the basic idea has roots in pre-WWII reality. Looks like I could take a Nabisco car and easily make it into an Allied Biscuit car (Logos are similar, early on Nabisco was actually known as 'NAtional BIScuit Co.)

Since the Union Pacific is mentioned from time to time, I just got done readying another, hopefully better, set of artwork. If this one doesnt work well enough, I'm going to go back to larger scales, or perhaps using CAD. Somewhere I have a DVD of CAD drawings I did in my teens, when I produced printed model kits.

Still been pretty bad up with back issues, in and out of the hospital recently because of it. So not been as active as usual lately. Still progressing with this, but slowly right now.
These ones look much sharper Trainman. I updated my boxcar sometime ago according to the specifications you gave me in another thread, could you explain which parts of the car I'm intended to apply these textures to?
These are the sides.I just noticed that the third image was wrong. The second image (Middle one vertically) should be the center of the three side images. Order does not matter on the other two. Keep in mind the bottom image I accidentally repeated the top image. Probably copied the wrong URL. Next I need to upload roof and end artwork.