Custom HUD Icons for objects/chars/vehicles/locations NOT In the vanilla game

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Hello people,

I have taken some suggestions from the discord server, and this will be a user-driven database of user-made icons that don't exist in the Vanilla game!

I will start with a couple of mine!

(don't ask)
I will make more of these and post more as well.
Will made some for TOS and is allowing me to post.
I made one today for use in a mod of mine. Designed for filling up your car or going to the gas station objectives.

Here's a clearer Agnes icon:
Can I have a template for these like an empty one
I've made quite a few HUD icons for Yellow Shift, so anyone can feel free to use these:

Alternatively, here's a link to an imgur album:
There's an extra icon in the link (a red ferrini) for some reason, which shouldn't be there since it's just one of the regular icons in the game.
How you make those icons?
I used a specific template Will uploaded on the dropbox. I will post it here if he allows me too.

No need for credit.
i decided to make some hud icons ,you can have them, just credit :) (you can not credit too if ya like)