SHAR Multiplayer Servers?

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Really dumb question here but is there gonna be servers for the multiplayer or 1 big server hosted by one of you guys and will other people be able to make there own servers?
Currently it is being designed to allow users to host their own servers. Though we have no information to talk about right now as it is in very early development.

Jake Andreøli
Sounds cool, I'm really looking forward to see how it turns out
how do I join peoples servers
When you download the Multiplayer Launcher, you just need your Donut Team Token:

You get your token here:

After that, you can join multiplayer. It will put you in sessions with people using the same mods. You should check our multiplayer website to see if anyone is playing, often one or two people are; but there's times when no one is.

You can orchestrate games with people on our Discord by using the #shar-mp chat channel.
mine dont work
how do you change to a different player ?
>. Previous Character Model

?/ Next Character Model
mine server password didn't work
como faço para criar servidores?