Creating a Mission: The Basics

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@thundergivesmeglee - Could you give me your load file and your mission's P3D file? I'll look into those and see what is going wrong...
@legomariofanatic┬áHere you go.´╗┐
BTW I actually edited the map file and created a new p3d to fit the mission because the map didn't make sense much anymore
How do I play my mission?
I wanna create additional or edit other bonus missions, but I have no idea how to use the CustomBonusMissionSupport thing. Could someone explain or post a pic? Thanks!!
I think you shouldn' 2 years old threads...This may end bad
You should create a separate thread instead, or, use Discord
You don't generally need CustomBonusMissionSupport to edit bonus missions, it's only used for some relatively obscure changes like changing street race characters entirely.
How would I do that? What I gotta write? Can I change the BM character?
Just to clarify, this hacks name refers to Street Races and Bonus Missions, both of which are internally similar in most ways.

This hack is currently only used if you need to change Milhouse or Nelson to a different character (not Ralph, Ralph can be changed without hacks due to how the game's code is laid out).

This of course means you can change Bonus Mission characters to whoever you want as long as there is a valid conversation between that character and the player character defined in sound\scripts\dialog.spt.

In the near future, it will have more features (it currently does in our development build of the Mod Launcher) but for now that is all it is used for.
google has a 403 error on the mfk.lua file