Cheats in Mods?

Posted in Donut Mod
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Can you use the all cars cheat in the donut mod?
The cheat where you hold F1 and press up down up down
to unlock all the cars including the unobtainable ones.

I want to use the cheat in the donut mod to get cars like the nucellar bus and the warthog.
Can they only be used in the main game or can they be used in mods to?

No, that cheat does not work in Donut Mod due to the nature of how the cheat works. And even if it did work, it would not provide access to our new cars.
The Unlock All Cars cheat cannot be used correctly with mods that add cars to the game because the list of cars that said cheat provides access to is hardcoded into the game, and thus cannot be modified in plain text. The only way that this would be possible would be with a hack that allowed one to modify said list of cars, but unfortunately no such hack exists at the moment.
Oh Thanks for the information.