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2 questions about importing characters

Posted in Donut Mod
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1) When I upload .obj characters from some websites to Lucas P3D editor, their body shows up but all the details are replaced with solid pink. The bar "Keep Shared Resources Loaded For Previews" is checked so that's not it. Like so in this picture of Anakin below in a copy of the Teens p3d page with the 2 freckle files deleted:

2) How do I make my own skins/upload ones already made? I've tried exporting the Anakin as an .xml file, then when I upload it, it says "there are no weights"
1. You can't import a character with an OBJ file to make a character. Simple as that.
2. You need to create shader chunks based on the name of your model and create texture chunks for them to be textured instead of pink.
3. You need to weight all the joints with vertices which is complicated to make that error go away.

Making a custom character isn't easy and if you don't understand basic modelling and use of Lucas' Pure3D Editor, you should avoid trying to do so.