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Back to the Future: The Game pack

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I have converted a number of characters from BTTF: The Game into Hit & Run characters.

Marty - 1931

Doc - 1931

Doc - Tesla

Doc - Young

Looking nice...????
Big update, so it'll be easier to just link the Imgur album...

In this update...

Marty 1985
Jennifer BTTF2
Jennifer 1986B
Universal guy
Universal gal
Edna 1931
First Citizen Brown
Why you don't release it?
Because it's not done yet
Oh, so it's a pack?
I've got a load of vehicles done as well, so yeah it's pretty much a pack by now. I also hope to get some maps moved over once the map tool is released.
Here are all the vehicles that are complete as of right now:
And also the BTTF 2 DeLorean that I already released.
I suppose I'll put this here for the benefit of people who didn't see it on Discord:

You might want to say somewhere in the OP that this is Back To The Future, as someone who has never seen the movie it took me a while to figure out what BTTF stands for.